Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gorilla Review - Part 1, Francis Pennyworth, Jr. Interview

We recently had an opportunity to interview an underground author by the name of Francis Pennyworth, Jr. We were impressed, to say the least.

Mr. Pennyworth's current project, "Connect The Dots" deals with the swirling, tangled mess that is the middle east and in particular the activities of what Mr. Pennyworth calls the Islamic fascists.

Gorilla Review: Why did you choose this particular topic for your next work?

Pennyworth: I spend a lot of my time discussing current events with just about anyone who will listen. And, as we distance ourselves from 9/11, I have noticed a growing lack of awareness concerning middle east events. When it comes to the history of the region the outright ignorance is shocking. This ignorance is even reflected in the behavior of our elected officials - people who should know better. I wanted to do something to spark an awareness of the real and present danger around us.

Gorilla Review: That seems like a tall order. How can you do that in a single work?

Pennyworth: The truth is you can't. When I began this project it was my intention to simply report on events in Lebanon so as to highlight certain facts about the organization known as Hezbollah. The purpose being to bring some clarity to a muddy and often misrepresented situation. However, it soon became obvious that a discussion of Hezbollah in the absence of some discussion of Iran and Syria would be grossly incomplete. Of course a discussion of those two countries, as well as, the major non-state actors had to be placed within the greater context of the religion of Islam. To complete the picture it was also necessary to place the whole of the Middle East into at least a minimal historical focus. Although I have attempted to do all of this in the simplest, most straightforward way possible, a project initially intended to be nothing more than a pamphlet has grown to the size of a small novel. Of course, anything but the most cursory discussion would fill a small library. As it is each chapter is turning out to be a precis for a book.

Gorilla Review: Sounds complicated. Have you come to any conclusions you can share with us?

Pennyworth: Absolutely. For one, there are verifiable similarities between today's Islamic fascists and Hitler's Nazis.

To be continued...

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