Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gorilla Review - Part 2, Francis Pennyworth Jr. Interview

Here we are again with Francis Pennyworth, underground author and playwright.

Pennyworth: The similarities between today's Islamic fascists and Hitler's brand of fascism and his methodology for acquiring and maintaining power are more than passing. But, before I go any further it must be made clear that we are not talking about the whole of Islam, but rather the fascist groups within it. Just as all Christians aren't crusaders, all Muslims aren't fascist. With that caveat in mind, I recommend the reader take the time to do some internet research. It only takes a few minutes to find ample evidence of the links between Hitler's Germany and the middle east. In fact, I devote an entire chapter to this issue. All the research is done and the cites are there.

Gorilla Review: Somehow that sounds inflammatory.

Pennyworth: Again, we are not talking about the entirety of the Muslim world. Still it is what it is. The links between Hitler's Germany and Iran, Iraq, Syria, and the Palestinians etc. are clear and convincing. The similarities in methodology between today's Islamic radicals and the Nazis are more than passing. The danger here is not just to Christians and Jews. This new fascist threat is aimed at all peoples, of all races, and all creeds who cherish their freedom.

Gorilla Review: Can you give us some specific examples?

Pennyworth: Sure. Hitler's playbook calls for the selling of a scapegoat which allegedly is responsible for the target populace's loss of greatness. Unfortunately, the Jews have now been selected twice. Hitler also called for a near religious fervor because he believed that only a religious fervor will produce the requisite level of violence. Of course we all know about the concept of Jihad. Hitler was also deep into propaganda. He believed the message had to be simple enough to be understood by the dumbest guy in the population and it had to be repeated as many times as possible.

Today we're seeing concerted propaganda efforts aimed at the young and the disenfranchised. Everything from religious schools preaching hatred to video games depicting the slaughter of Israelis and children's cartoons showing murder as a good thing. There is a massive propaganda effort under way to paint all non Muslims as evil and we're asleep at the switch.

Gorilla Review: We hear a lot about Islamic fascists, but who are the bad guys really?

Pennyworth: The problem here is we are involved in an asymmetric conflict with multiple enemies, none of whom are what they appear to be. In other words the water is really muddy. Let me give you some examples.

To be continued...

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